Kamado Jan Braai Charcoal

5KG Natural Lump Charcoal

R96 Incl. VAT


Timber from sustainable plantations is loaded onto trucks and transported to the factory depot.  The dried timber is loaded into kilns where the burning process occurs.  The charcoal is then bagged and stored for conditioning – After 13 days it is packed and distributed.

Natural Charcoal VS Briquettes

  •  All Natural!

    Unlike most briquettes our lump charcoal is 100% natural. Briquettes are compressed and formed by using binding agents. In most cases it also consists of additives to assist the burn process.

  • Healthier, better tasting food

    The additives in briquettes can impregnate your ceramic and leave your food with a chemical-like taste. With natural Charcoal, all you get is great tasting food, without the nasty extras…

  •  Easy to light

    Lighting natural charcoal is a breeze. All you need is one of our Eco Wood Firelighters. Simply placed one block in the center of your charcoal, light, wait 10 minutes and your on your way to creating culinary perfection!

  • Higher Temperatures

    Natural charcoal generally burns hotter than a gas grill or briquettes. Higher temperatures means better tasting food.

  • Ready, Set, Go!!

    Your Kamado JAN can be ready to cook within 10 minutes using natural lump charcoal.

  • Temperature Control

    Natural Lump Charcoal is more responsive to oxygen. By using your air intake and flue outlet on your Kamado JAN you can control your desired temperate to the degree allowing for easy, versatile temperature cooking.

  •  Cleaning is a breeze

    Less ash than briquettes.

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