All KJ’s come almost completely assembled. This allows for less time spent trying to put it together and gives you much more time to spend enjoying your new best friend…


  • NOTE

    Minimum of 2 people are required for unit setup and periodic maintenance (removing/cleaning internal components).

    • The internal components provide the necessary weight to keep the dome structure in place.
    • Without the internal components in place, the dome structure could become unstable and fall over with the lid open.
    • Due to the fragile nature of ceramic, impact force can potentially cause severe damage to the ceramic structure.
    • For this reason a second person is always required to keep the unit balanced in the event that that internal components are not in place or need to be removed for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Great care has been taken during production to remove sharp edges but you should handle all components with care to avoid injury.

  • To avoid losing any small components or hardware, assemble your product on a hard level surface that does not have cracks or openings.

  • You may wish to lay down a blanket or similar, to avoid possible damage to the finish during assembly.

  • Clear an area large enough to layout all components and hardware.

  • Check you have all components before beginning.

  • When applicable, tighten all hardware connections by hand first.

  • Once the step is completed go back and fully tighten all hardware.

  • Follow all steps in order to properly assemble your product.

  • Typical assembly: Approximately 20-30 minutes.

  • TIP:
    If your KJ does not fit snugly into the leg-set, with KJ in place, slightly loosen all nuts and bolts on the Leg-set, with exception to caster wheels, and allow KJ to settle into place. Retighten all nuts and bolts.