To start a fire, place a organic firelighter on the charcoal plate in the base of the Kamado. Then place a few lumps charcoal over the top of the firelighter.

DO NOT use petrol, white spirits, lighter fluid, alcohol or other similar chemicals for lighting or relighting.

Open the bottom vent and light the firelighter using a long nosed lighter or safety matches.

DO NOT overload the unit with fuel – if the fire is too intense it could damage the Kamado.

Leave until all the fuel is used and extinguished. If the fire burns too high it could damage the felt gasket seal before it has had the chance to mature properly. After first use inspect all fasteners for tightness. The metal band connecting your lid to the base will expand from the heat and this could become loose. It is recommended you check and if necessary tighten the band with a spanner.

You can now use your Kamado as normal.


Ensure the Kamado is positioned on a stable, flat, level, heat resistant, non-flammable surface away from flammable items.

Ensure the Kamado has a minimum of 2m overhead clearance and has a minimum of 500mm clearance from other surrounding items.

To start a fire, place charcoal with an organic firelighter cube on the charcoal plate. (7) in the base of the Kamado. Then place a few lumps of charcoal over the top of the firelighter.

DO NOT use petrol, white spirits, lighter fluid, alcohol or other similar chemicals for lighting or relighting.

Open the bottom vent and light the firelighter using a long nosed lighter or safety matches. Once it has caught, leave the bottom vent and lid open for about 10 minutes to build a small bed of hot embers.

Close the lid and fully open the top and bottom vents.

Close the lid and fully open the top and bottom vents. It is recommended you don’t stoke or turn the coals once they are alight. This allows the charcoals to burn more uniformly and efficiently.

Once lit ONLY use heat resistant gloves when handling hot ceramics or cooking surfaces.

See below for cooking instructions depending on temperature and duration.

Ceramic Grill Flue Outlet


To extinguish unit – stop adding fuel and close all the vents and the lid to allow the fire to die naturally. DO NOT use water to extinguish the charcoal as this could damage the ceramic components.


The Kamado is self-cleaning. Heat it up to 260ºC for 30 minutes and it will scorch off all of the food and debris.

DO NOT use water or any other type of cleaning product to clean the inside of your Kamado. The walls are porous and will absorb any fluids used, this could cause the Kamado to crack. If the soot becomes excessive then use a wire brush to scrape off the carbon remnants before the next use.

To clean the grates use a non-abrasive cleaner once the unit has fully cooled.

To clean the outer surface wait until the Kamado is cool and use a damp cloth with a mild detergent.


When not in use, and if stored outside, cover the Kamado once completely cooled with the weatherproof cover.

When using the Kamado push down on both of the locking wheels to stop the unit moving about during use.

It is recommended the Kamado be stored under cover in a garage or shed over winter for complete protection.

Ceramic Grill braai Cover


Tighten the bands and oil the hinge twice a year or more if needed.


With the vents closed, the Kamado stays at a high temperature for several hours. If you require a longer cooking time (e.g whole leg of lamb), it may be necessary to add more charcoal. Just add some additional charcoal and continue.

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