Kamado Jan grills swiftly attain incredibly high temperatures and consistently maintain them, making them ideal for rapid grilling and searing. During this process, the ceramic heat deflectors are typically removed to enable direct heat caramelization of your preferred meat cuts. You can choose to keep the Divide & Conquer frame for dual grid levels or position the cooking grid, complete with an access hatch, directly on the ceramic fire ring.

For simultaneous preparation of diverse food cuts, the Divide & Conquer system offers a two-zone cooking solution. By placing half of the heat deflector plates on one side along with half of the grid above it, the other half of the grid can be positioned either higher or lower based on desired heat levels. Some foresight is advisable, as food placed over the heat deflector will cook at a slower pace than items directly exposed to heat.

To add that “professional touch”, you can enhance your grilling experience with the addition of the optional cast iron grid or griddle -the flat cooking surface of the griddle is perfect for creating incredible sea-food grills.

Standard grilling can be achieved at temperatures ranging from 150 to 200 ℃, while searing typically necessitates temperatures of 230 to 300℃.

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