This cooking style stands as the ideal approach for preparing brisket, beef short rib, pork belly/ribs, and even the beloved South African dish, the leg of lamb. It revolves around slow-cooking meats at lower temperatures over extended durations, resulting in unparalleled tenderness. This technique is most famously linked with pulled pork, where the meat can be effortlessly shredded and literally “falls-off-the-bone!”. Thanks to the impressive heat retention abilities of the thick ceramic dome and the precise management of oxygen supply to the lump charcoal, the Kamado Jan excels at maintaining low temperatures up to 12 hours.


To set up your Divide & Conquer system, position both deflector plates and place the stainless-steel grids on the upper level.


It’s crucial to close the air controls before the internal temperature rises excessively.



The recommended temperature range for Low & Slow cooking is 110 – 150℃.

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