The versatility of Kamado Jan extends beyond meat roasting, encompassing the creation of delectable roasted vegetables as well. Meats can be positioned directly on the cooking grids or within a heat-resistant dish or roasting pan. For this setup, the grid arrangement is designed for indirect cooking, involving the placement of heat deflectors, and positioning the grids on the upper level.

Enhance your roasted chicken by using the chicken sitter accessory. Fill it with beer, wine, or water, and optionally include fresh herbs or a wedge of lemon for added flavour. As the liquid within the chicken sitter heats up, it imparts moisture and flavour to the chicken’s interior. Meanwhile, the circulation of hot air results in beautifully crisp and golden-brown skin.


The suitable temperature range, depending on your desired outcome and the type of food, ranges from 150 to 200℃.

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