Kamado Jan revolutionizes the art of rotisserie cooking. Its unique wedge shape allows the lid to stay closed, ensuring precise temperature control while cooking directly overheat. The rotational movement creates a self-basting effect, and the few droplets of juices that sizzle onto the hot coals infuse an exceptional flavour profile.


Furthermore, the process of searing at slightly lower temperatures directly contributes to a tantalizingly delicious sear and caramelization.

When opting for rotisserie cooking, you can utilize a smaller amount of charcoal, placed towards the rear of the firebox. Since the food is in constant rotation, any concerns about uneven cooking are alleviated. Proper skewering of the meat is important to maintain balance and positioning it at the center of the dome is advisable.


The robust electrical motor of the Kamado Jan Rotisserie can handle up to 10kg of meat, ensuring a successful cooking experience.

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