Infusing wood-fired flavour into meat through smoking is a fantastic technique that’s highly customizable based on personal taste. While there are guidelines suggesting which woods complement specific meats, we always encourage individuals to experiment with different flavours until they discover their favourite.


For optimal outcomes, using chunks of wood is more effective than using chips. Chips tend to burn quickly when added directly to the coals, whereas larger wood chunks provide a more sustained smoking experience.


Typically, smoking is conducted at temperatures below 150℃, with the cooking grids arranged for indirect cooking.

To begin, allow the Kamado Jan to reach your desired temperature, then introduce 1-3 smoking chunks of your preference directly into the coals. Wait until the thick white smoke subsides and the smoking chunk ignites for clean smoke production. Excessive white smoke might result in an overly intense smoky profile or even a bitter taste. It’s important to note that observing white smoke exiting the grill’s top isn’t a necessity for effective smoking.


Avoid soaking your chunks or chips in water. Moistened wood chunks or chips lead to prolonged “bad smoke,” delaying combustion and the release of a clean, pleasant smoky flavours.

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